NRA Basic Instructor Training (BIT)

Prerequsites: There are no prerequisites for this class. BIT is prerequisite for all of the discipline specific Instructor Training classes.
Six hour class
Fee: $75.00
Enrollment deposit: $50.00

This is not a shooting class. No firearms or ammunition will be handled in this class.


NRA Basic Instructor Training (BIT) is designed to develop NRA Certified Instructors who possess the knowledge, skills, and attitude necessary to conduct the NRA Basic Firearm Training Courses. This is the NRA class that prepares people who already have subject matter expertise to teach a class using NRA teaching methods and lesson plans. This course teaches the policies and procedures for becoming an NRA instructor as well as effective teaching methods for training students.

This course does not certify the instructor candidate to teach any NRA courses. Additional discipline-specific instructor training is required to certify instructor candidates to teach specific courses.

Special note for current Instructors adding a rating: When adding ratings, instructors may be required to attend another Basic Instructor Training (BIT) Course if they have not completed BIT within the previous 2 years.

Please remember NRA Instructor Courses are performance based courses, Instructor Candidates must demonstrate the knowledge, skills and attitude necessary for this level of training. Students do not pay and automatically pass Instructor training. They pay for the opportunity to pass.

"If you are not watching their hands you are not coaching!"