The NRA Basic Pistol Shooting - Phase 2

There are no prerequisites for this one day class
Class fee: $150.00
Enrollment deposit: 75.00


This class teaches the basic knowledge, skills and attitude for owning and safely operating a handgun. This course includes classroom and range time learning to shoot revolvers and semi-automatic pistols. Students learn the NRA rules for safe gun handling, shooting positions, shooting fundamentals, pistol operation, ammunition basics, range rules, and opportunities for further skill development.

This class focuses on the basics of operating a handgun. Grip, stance, sights, trigger management and follow though are included. This class is intended for beginners that have never touched a handgun, or new shooters that wish to strengthen the basics of their shooting skills. The focus is on safety and marksmanship. The class is open to everyone, NRA membership is not required.

An advanced pistol class may be arranged for a group of six or more. Call John at (503) 799-9534 to discuss your needs.