NRA Chief Range Safety Officer (CRSO) Instructor Course

Prerequisite: NRA Range Safety Officer certification
You must be a NRA member and at least 21 years old to be certified as CRSO.
This two day class includes NRA Basic Instructor Training (BIT)
Class fee is: $300.00
Enrollment deposit: $100.00

If you have BIT on file with the NRA within the past two years you do not need the first day of this class. Fee is $225.00 for the second day.


The successful completion of this course will prepare the student to teach Range Safety Officer classes using the NRA teaching methods. The student will learn to develop range rules and a Standard Operating Manual for their range. The class is intended for experienced Range Safety Officers. It is not necessary to be a NRA member to participate, but if you wish to be certified by the NRA as Chief Range Safety Officer you must be a NRA member and hold a NRA RSO certification.

Please remember NRA Instructor Courses are performance based courses, Instructor Candidates must demonstrate the knowledge, skills and attitude necessary for this level of training. You do not pay and automatically pass Instructor training. You pay to have the opportunity to pass.

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