NRA Pistol Instructor Class

This two day class includes NRA Basic Instructor Training (BIT)
Class fee is: $300.00
Enrollment deposit: $100.00
You must be a NRA Member to be certified as Pistol Instructor.

If you have BIT on file with the NRA within the past two years you do not need the first day of this class. Fee is $225.00 for the second day.


This class is for experienced pistol shooters who are seeking instructor certification. The NRA Basic Pistol Instructor course is an in-depth, hands-on, two full days of instructional methods that will enable the instructor candidate to conduct the NRA Pistol Shooting course.

This is a class about how to teach others the basics of handling and shooting a pistol. The class is intended for shooters that already have excellent safety and marksmanship skills. The class does not teach students how to shoot, it teaches students how to teach others to shoot. The student does not need to be a NRA member to participate, but must be a NRA member to get certified as a NRA Instructor.

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